Challenging and changing unjust laws

We challenge and change the law where the law decreases access to justice

Sometimes our work reveals laws and policies that cause or perpetuate disadvantage or which are unduly complex. We challenge and seek to change these laws and policies by advocating for law and policy reform, using evidence from the cases we are involved in.

Our advocacy and law reform work is evidence-based, is grounded in our casework expertise and draws on the capacity of our staff and pro bono lawyers.  It is based on our referral and/or case work, giving our clients a voice and using their stories to highlight the need for change.  It proposes practical solutions to the problems we have identified. It is consistent with our strategic plan and theory of change and applies, or is consistent with, a human rights-based principles of participation, empowerment and respect.

Access to Justice

17 May 2016
Justice Connect is committed to increasing access to justice for those facing disadvantage

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Elder Abuse

17 December 2015
Seniors Law has tendered a submission to the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Elder Abuse, focusing on its work with the health and community sector to assist older people experiencing elder abuse, especially financial abuse.