Challenging and changing unjust laws

By challenging and changing these laws and systems that prevent people accessing justice, we can have a real impact on the lives of the people we help
Many laws, policies, practices and perceptions make it more difficult for people to access justice.
Changing these systems often has the greatest impact.
We work for change, in partnership with the legal, social service and social justice sectors.
We tell the stories of people locked out of the system – the people we help – and develop policy proposals that will help them get a fair chance.
We build connections across our services, and between us and our partners and supporters, creating a ‘justice movement’.
Through the power of these connections and these stories, we make change where it matters.

A Just Life

20 October 2017
Let’s make justice more just

NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Elder Abuse

17 December 2015
Seniors Law has tendered a submission to the NSW Legislative Council Inquiry into Elder Abuse, focusing on its work with the health and community sector to assist older people experiencing elder abuse, especially financial abuse.