About Seniors Law

25 September 2013
Seniors Law is a free, confidential legal service for older Victorians, who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, in relation to elder abuse and other legal issues associated with ageing

Elder abuse is generally understood as any act occurring within a relationship of trust, which results in harm to an older person. Elder abuse can take various forms including:

  • financial
  • physical
  • psychological or emotional
  • social
  • sexual
  • neglect

The impact of elder abuse on older Victorians can be life changing, leading to poor physical and mental health outcomes, poverty and homelessness.

Seniors Law aims to help older Victorians age with dignity and respect by reducing the incidence and impact of elder abuse and other legal issues associated with ageing.

Justice Connect tries to reach older people in many different ways. To develop its close connection with the health and community sector, Seniors Law has established health justice partnerships with cohealth, a community health organisation in Footscray, and St Vincent's Hospital in Fitzroy. The lawyers work with health care teams to identify legal issues for older people and provide more convenient legal assistance and referrals. 

Our clients’ matters inform the advocacy work we do. Law reform is a key component of ensuring access to justice for older Victorians, especially those with diminished capacity.

With older people experiencing increasingly complex and varied legal issues, Seniors Law is well placed to draw on the capacity and resources of its pro bono partners, collaborate with health and community professionals and develop innovative ways to reach older people so that they can age with dignity and respect.