Previous submissions

31 October 2013
Not-for-profit Law's policy submissions from previous years


  • Submission to NSW Fair Trading 'Improving governance within community organisations' (6 December 2013):

PDF iconImproving governance within community organisations.pdf

  • Submission on Draft Australian Privacy Principle (APP) Guidelines (20 September 2013):

PDF iconPrivacy reforms and not-for-profits.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the draft Charities Bill 2013 and Explanatory Material (3 May 2013):

PDF iconSubmission on the Charities Bill 2013 and Explanatory Material.pdf

  • Submission to the ACNC on draft Annual Information Statements for charities (26 April 2013):

PDF icon2014 Annual Information Statement.pdf

  • Submission to COAG on the potential duplication of governance and reporting standards for charities (21 February 2013):

PDF iconSubmission - COAG Regulatory Impact Assessment.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on proposed governance standards for registered charities (15 February 2013):

PDF iconGovernance standards.pdf



  • Submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria on the Regulatory Impact Statement for the proposed Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012 (19 October 2012):

PDF iconRegulatory Impact Statement – Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012.pdf

  • Submission to Senate Standing Committee on the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission and Special Conditions for Tax Concessions Bills (30 August 2012):

PDF iconACNC and Special Conditions for Tax Concessions Bills 30 Aug 2012.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the restating and standardising the special conditions for tax concession entities (including the 'in Australia' conditions (May 2012):

PDF iconRestating the 'In Australia' requirements.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the ‘Charitable Fundraising Regulation Reform Discussion Paper’ (5 April 2012):

PDF iconCharitable Fundraising Regulation Reform Discussion Paper.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the Consultation Paper – Review of not-for-profit governance arrangements (27 January 2012):

PDF iconSubmission to Treasury - Review of Not-for-profit governance arrangements.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the Exposure Draft of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commissions Bill 2012 (27 January 2012):

PDF iconExposure Draft, Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commissions Bill 2012.pdf



  • Submission to Treasury on a statutory definition of charity (9 December 2011):

PDF iconDefinition of Charity.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on the 'in Australia'  Special Conditions for Tax Concession Entities (August 2011):

PDF iconSubmission to the Treasury - Restating the 'in Australia' Requirements..pdf

  • Submission to the Victorian Equal Opportunty and Human Rights Commission on the Volunteering and the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 – Issues paper (June 2011):

PDF iconSubmission to VEOHRC - Issues Paper.pdf

  • Submission to Treasury on better targeting of not-for-profit tax concessions  (July 2011):

PDF iconSubmission to Treasury consultation paper - better targetting of not-for-profit tax concessions.pdf

  • Submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria in relation to the statutory management provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (March 2011):

PDF iconAssociations Incorporation Act 1981 - statutory management.pdf

  • Submission to Treaury on scoping study for a national not-for-profit regulator (February 2011):

PDF iconTreasury Consultation Paper - a ‘one stop shop’ opportunity for better not-for-profit regulation.pdf