Not-for-profit Law is a specialist legal service for community organisations.

Not-for-profit Law is Justice Connect’s unique legal service for not-for-profit groups. Not-for-profit Law helps these groups by providing free or low cost, high quality practical legal assistance and advocating for improved standards and legal frameworks. We also have a fee-paying customised training service.

WHY do we do help community organisations?

We know that if we support not-for-profit organisations through services and advocacy, we will help them improve their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering positive outcomes for the community. They will be able to better focus their time and energy on achieving their mission - whether that's supporting vulnerable people, delivering important services, enhancing diversity or bringing the community together.

HOW do we do we help them?

We provide help through:

  • Free legal advice (delivered by staff lawyers or via our member law firms and barristers)
  • Building not-for-profit capacity with free and low cost education (online and face-to-face)
  • Advocacy work to make sure there is the best possible legal framework for the sector

For more information about our program level ‘theory of change’ – why we do what we do and how we do it – read our Strategic Framework:

PDF iconNFP Law Strategic Framework



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25 September 2013
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