Law and policy reform

Homeless Law’s advocacy is informed by our casework

Through providing legal services to approximately 400 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness each year, we identify the areas of law and policy that impact harshly or unfairly on our clients.

Based on our direct casework, we have identified two key areas of law and policy that have the greatest impact on our clients and we maintain ongoing campaigns in these areas:

  1. Preventing homelessness and sustaining tenancies
  2. Infringements and public space offences

We also continue to comment on other issues that impact on our client group, including:

  • human rights and anti-discrimination
  • women, family violence and homelessness
  • guardianship and administration and income management

The close connection between Homeless Law’s casework and our advocacy means that we are able to present evidence-based arguments for changes that will improve outcomes for our clients and contribute to homelessness prevention.

Closing the revolving door

21 January 2016
Closing the revolving door: A two year report on civil legal services for Victorian prisoners shows 62 per cent have experienced homelessness

Infringements and public space offences

25 September 2013
Infringements are the single biggest issue affecting our client group. People experiencing homelessness are: (1) more likely to get fines and infringements because they are forced to carry out their private lives in public places; and (2) less likely to be able to address the fines and infringements through payment or navigating the complex legal system.