About Homeless Law

We want to improve outcomes for our clients through the provision of holistic legal services and evidence based advocacy

Homeless Law is a specialist legal service for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

Our staff work closely with pro bono lawyers to provide hundreds of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness with legal information, advice and representation. Our services are outreach based and client centred, and we don’t just focus on legal issues. Homeless Law's social worker (the HPLO) and our relationships with the homelessness sector build our capacity to understand and respond to clients with a range of non-legal needs.

We recognise that we will never be able to meet the legal needs of all people experiencing homelessness and in order to achieve systemic change, we need to be strategic. Our advocacy is directly connected to our casework services and we maintain two ongoing campaigns: (1) to prevent evictions into homelessness, and (2) to address the discriminatory impact of fines and infringements on people experiencing homelessness.

Women's Homelessness Prevention Project

14 November 2017
The Women’s Homelessness Prevention Project (WHPP) is a project of Justice Connect Homeless Law. The WHPP combines legal representation with social work support and aims to prevent women and children being evicted into homelessness. Free call 1800 606 313 to make an appointment.

Tenancy Legal Help for Prisoners

14 November 2017
Our tenancy legal help for prisoners aims to assist prisoners to sustain housing and manage any outstanding debts creating barriers to getting housed