Our Information Hub has gone national!

25 February 2016
The popular service, once only in Victoria and NSW, can now help NFPs the land over

Justice Connect's Not-for-profit Law service is excited to announce that our acclaimed Information Hub is now available to charities and not-for-profits across Australia. 

As of 29 February, the services we have been providing in Victoria and NSW are being rolled out across the rest of the nation's jurisdictions. For rural and regional charities and other not-for-profits, access to legal services is particularly difficult and expensive. Nationally, a quarter of all charities are rural or regional, but outside of Victoria and NSW, this number rises to 47 per cent. This underscores the need for an online service such as the Information Hub to be nationally available.

Jon Martin is CEO of Community Support Incorporated, a support service for South Australians living with disabilities, chronic illness and other complex health requirements, and is excited at being able to access this new service.

“We needed to learn some fairly simple information around partnering with other groups like ours, and let me tell you it’s not easy. Justice Connect were a big help, and put me in touch with JusticeNet SA, but the prospect of having all this information in one place on the web is very exciting,” Mr Martin said.

Visit the Information Hub now

The regulatory body overseeing charities and not-for-profits in Australia – the ACNC – is also excited about this service becoming available. “The ACNC welcomes the launch of the new Justice Connect Not-For-Profit Law national Information Hub, which will provide free resources to registered charities in all jurisdictions,” said Susan Pascoe AM, Commissioner of the ACNC.

“The 2014 Australian Charities Report found that around 30 per cent of registered charities are “micro” in size, with annual revenue of less than $50,000. These charities are largely reliant on volunteers and therefore may have limited or no access to professional advice.

“The hundreds of free resources now available on the Justice Connect Information Hub will greatly contribute to the sustainability of the sector, in particular smaller charities, through increased guidance and education,” Ms Pascoe said.

From now, all charities around Australia will be able to access fact sheets, webinars, legal resources and more on issues including:

  • How to start a new charity
  • Raising funds and holding events
  • Managing staff and volunteers
  • Insurace, risk and tax
  • Dispute resolution
  • Collaboration, partnerships and mergers
  • Winding up a charity

The Hub can be found at nfplaw.org.au

National charities and not-for-profits: fast facts

  • 54,181 registered charities 
  • 600,000 not-for-profits (approximately)
  • The ACT (2.1), SA (2.0) and Tasmania (2.0) have the highest concentrations of charities per thousand residents
  • 1,805,965 volunteers, or 7.5% of the population.
  • The smallest 70% of charities account for only 3.6% of charity income in Australia