Our staff

18 September 2013
Key to Justice Connect's success is the passionate commitment of our staff

We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional practice, driven by practical outcomes for our clients.


Acting CEO - Sue Woodward

Shared Services

Executive Assistant - Maree Naylor
Chief Operating Officer - Sophie Gordon-Clark
Manager, Pro Bono Relationships - Rebecca McMahon
Manager of Digital Innovation Strategies - Kate Fazio

Communications Manager - Ed Butler
Fundraising and Database Officer - Rose Hyland
Finance Manager - Michele De Gilio
Finance, HR and Payroll Coordinator - Katherine Bykovec
Assistant Accountant - Marija Ivanovska
Content Producer - Emma Hardy
Office Manager (NSW) - Emma Dunphy 
Receptionist (VIC) - Aimee Tutaki
IT - Committo 
Reception Volunteers

Legal Services

Manager, NSW Health Justice Partnerships - Yvonne Lipianin

Homeless Law

Manager - Lucy Adams
Lawyers - Katie Ho, Cameron Lavery, Sam Sowerwine, Sally Kenyon
Senior Criminal Lawyer - Michael McKenna
Program Administrator - Jemma Donaghey
Liaison Officer - Sarah McMahon
Liaison Officer, Women's Homelessness Prevention - Rachelle Driver
PLT Students

Seniors Law

Manager - Lauren Adamson
Lawyers - Faith Hawthorne, Selina Nivelle, Megan King
Program Administrator - Katie Ronson

Not-for-profit Law

Director - Rebecca McMahon / Juanita Pope
Director, National Projects - Sue Woodward
Manager of Advice (VIC) - Anna Lyons / Marla Cowen
Manager of Advice (NSW) - Savi Manii
Manager, Education - Nadine Clode
Manager, Customised Training - Liz Morgan / Mae Tanner
Lawyers - Nadine Clode, Gerry Menere, Jacob Wood, Amy Williams, Christine Mellino
Local Aboriginal Land Council Lawyer - Gerry Menere
Lawyer, Trainer (VIC) - Mae Tanner
Training Coordinator - Jo Barnett / Fiona Skelton
Paralegal - Christine Mellino
Paralegal - Taylor Elterman 
Online Publishing Coordinator - Adrienne Agg
Legal Resource Writer - Helene Israel 
PLT Students

Self Representation Service

Director - Tina Turner
Manager - Tori Edwards
Lawyer (VIC) - Julian Vido
Lawyers (NSW/ACT) - Alexandra Farmer, Patrick Deane
Paralegal (VIC/TAS) - Lisa Harrison 
PLT Students

Public Interest Law Service

Director - Tina Turner
Manager (VIC) - Alan Yang
Manager (NSW) - Tori Edwards
Lawyers - Alessandra Di Natale, Sylvie Alston, Emma Ryan, Eliza Drake
Paralegal - Jason Saultry
Project Officer - Jacqui Siebel
Program Administrator (VIC) - Zandra Carino
Program Administrator (NSW) - Georgie Murch
PLT Students

Domestic Building Legal Service

Manager - Ashlea Hawkins 
Lawyer - Zoe Chan
Paralegal - Martin Perez-McVie