About us

We provide access to justice through pro bono legal work. With our deep and strong connection with the legal community, we fill unmet legal need, grow pro bono culture, and challenge and change laws that hurt those most in need.

About us

22 June 2015
Fairness and justice through the power of pro bono

Our story

18 September 2013
Justice Connect has over 20 years of experience providing access to justice through pro bono

What we do

18 September 2013
Building Australia's pro bono culture to provide access to justice to people facing disadvantage

Our staff

18 September 2013
Key to Justice Connect's success is the passionate commitment of our staff

Our board

18 September 2013
Meet Justice Connect's Board and State Committee members

Our members

8 November 2017
Our member firms are vital partners in giving people a fair chance at a better life, by providing pro bono legal help