Fundraising submissions

26 September 2016
All of our fundraising reform submissions over many years


Submission to the Interim Report of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Review (9 December 2016)

PDF iconJustice Connect_NFP Law_Response to ACL Interim Report_9 Dec 2016.pdf

Submission to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Review (27 May 2016)

PDF iconJustice Connect Not-for-profit Law Submission to ACL Review.pdf

Submission to the Productivity Commission Issues Paper: Consumer Law Enforcement and Administration (30 August 2016)

PDF iconConsumer Law Enforcement and Administration Issues Paper - Not-for-profit Law submission.pdf

Submission to Treasury, 'Re:Think, better tax, better Australia White Paper' (2015)

PDF iconTax White Paper - Not-for-profit Law submission.pdf

Submission to Treasury, ‘Charitable Fundraising Regulation Reform Discussion Paper’ (2012)

PDF iconCharitable Fundraising Regulation Reform Discussion Paper.pdf

Submission to Productivity Commission, 'Contribution of the Not-for-profit Sector' (2009)

PDF iconPilchConnect submission to Productivity Commission.pdf

Submission to Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, 'Inquiry into Victoria's regulatory framework' (2010)

PDF iconPilchConnect submission to VCEC Inquiry into Victoria's regulatory framework.pdf

Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Economics, 'Inquiry into the Disclosure Regime for Charities and Not for-Profit Organisations' (2008) 

PDF iconPilchConnect submission to Senate Standing Committee on Economics.pdf